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LadyJustice.jpgIf you are charged with a criminal or traffic offense in central North Carolina, we can provide you with a legal defense in which you may have confidence and which assures the best possible outcome for you.  Our legal advice is honest, straightforward, and based upon the facts of your case (the evidence) and the law as it applies to your case.  With experience in criminal defense and in criminal prosecution, we have the experience upon which you may confidently rely to obtain the best result possible in your case. 


Call us for a free initial consultation.  (919) 270-5105.



 We will provide honest, courteous, valuable, and zealous legal representation to all our clients. 

We will ensure our clients understand the value and benefit of the legal service they are receiving .

Our legal fees will be set as a value of the service provided with an attempt to be competitive in the legal market without undervaluing the excellent service being provided.